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Our study visit to Greece

A team from the Three Seas Initiative Research Center, joined by acclaimed researchers from academia, analytical centers, and business representatives, conducted a study visit to Athens from March 12-16. The program included meetings with representatives from state administration, science, and think tanks such as:

  • Prof. Charalampos Tsardanidis from the International Institute of Economic Relations, 
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with Georgios Michailidisem, Three Seas Initiative Desk Officer, 
  • International Center for Black Sea Studies, 
  • Prof. Panagiota Manoli and Director Professor Maria Gavouneli from The Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP), 
  • Prof. Ioannis Stribis from the University of the Aegean. 

The group also met with the Polish ambassador in Athens, Mr. Artur Lompart, and attended a lecture by Prof. Karolina Gortych-Michalak at the Polish Archaeological Institute in Athens.

Greece’s inclusion in the Three Seas Initiative presents new opportunities for north-south cooperation, particularly in developing Greek ports to benefit countries in Central Europe and the Western Balkans. However, this requires proper infrastructure, including roadways, railways, and energy systems. One of the Initiative’s flagship projects, Via Carpatia, begins in Klaipėda, Lithuania, on the Baltic Sea and ends in Thessaloniki, Greece, on the Aegean Sea. With its significant economic potential and stable regional position, Greece is well-suited to take on a leadership role and provide additional value to the Initiative’s development.