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Our study visit to Hungary

The “Three Seas Initiative Research Center” at the ISP PAN project team, accompanied by a diverse group of several experts, conducted a study visit to Budapest from May 7th to 11th. The delegation, led by Prof. Agnieszka Orzelska-Stączek, comprised representatives from the academic world, analysts and experts from Poland and Hungary, ensuring a wide range of perspectives were considered.

The study visit program included multiple meetings with representatives from public administration and scientists. 

The group visited the following key points:

– Attended a seminar titled “The Three Seas Initiative – what is it and how to research it?” at the John Lukács Institute

– Visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and held a meeting with Deputy Minister Péter Sztáry

– Visited the Prime Minister’s Office and met with Secretary Márton Ugrosdy, Deputy Secretary of State in the Office of the Political Director

– Visited the Embassy of the Republic of Poland and met with the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland, Sebastian Kęciek

– Visited the Polish Institute in Budapest and held discussions with director Dominika Teske and Marcin Karaskiewicz, the head of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency

– Participated in a seminar titled “The Three Seas Initiative – Polish and Hungarian perspective. Conclusions after the summit in Vilnius” with Hungarian scientists

Engaging in in-depth conversations with experts from the Danube River, we had the opportunity to meticulously analyze Hungary’s current involvement in the Three Seas Initiative, focusing on the country’s approach. Throughout a series of comprehensive meetings, the participants delved into numerous aspects of potential cooperation, covering a wide range of topics, from the impact of the 3SI on the region’s infrastructure development to energy issues. The exchange of views with diverse experts and politicians provided invaluable insights into the current cooperation with Budapest in the Three Seas Initiative, offering diverse perspectives on Hungary’s future role in the Central European region.