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Three Seas Initiative Summit 2023 in Bucharest – Announcement

The eighth summit of the Three Seas Initiative will take place in Bucharest on September 7-8, 2023. It will be the second such event hosted by Romania, following the 2018 summit. The main focus of this year’s event, apart from cooperation in the areas of energy, transport and digitalisation which are the three basic pillars of the Three Seas Initiative (3SI) will be the international situation following the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine. The Central European region, which serves as NATO’s eastern flank, is being significantly impacted by Moscow’s aggressive policies. During last year’s Riga Summit, Ukraine was granted the status of participating partner. This development means that the cooperation between Kyiv and the Three Seas Initiative is taking on a new meaning. It is anticipated that the 3SI will expand further this year. The Romanian authorities are determined to make the upcoming summit in Bucharest as seminal as the one held in 2018. During that summit, a list of priority projects was established and a letter of intent was signed for the creation of the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund, among other matters.

As part of the Three Seas Initiative Research Centre project, a Polish delegation will be attending the upcoming event. Our team will be hosting a conference titled Conclusions from the Three Seas Initiative Summit in Bucharest. The use of scientific research and academic dimension in regional cooperation in partnership with the Romanian New Strategy Center. This event will also provide an opportunity to meet and engage in discussions with Romanian academics and think-thank representatives. It is worth mentioning that our conference was included in the official programme of events of the Romanian summit.

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