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Joint Declaration of the Fourth Summit of the Three Seas Initiative (Ljubljana, 5–6 June 2019)

The Presidents and their high-level representatives of the 12 participating States of the Three Seas Initiative (3SI) – Republic of Austria, Republic of Bulgaria, Republic of Croatia, Czech Republic, Republic of Estonia, Hungary, Republic of Latvia, Republic of Lithuania, Republic of Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic and Republic of Slovenia – having met in Ljubljana on 5–6 June 2019, on the occasion of the fourth Summit of the 3SI, hosted by Slovenia:

Reconfirming that the fundamental pillars and objectives of the 3SI are threefold – boosting economic development, strengthening the cohesion of the EU, including by means of upgrading the infrastructure of the region, and enriching transatlantic ties;

Recalling that the 3SI is fully coherent with the EU’s efforts towards strengthening cohesion and overcoming regional disparities within the EU and affirming that the 3SI is complementary to the existing EU strategies and programmes;

Acknowledging that the 3SI, as a presidential platform, is an additional opportunity for the participating States to deepen their integration and cooperation and overcome developmental differences;

Emphasising the importance of sustainable development as our strategic response to the environmental and social issues of European States and globally, and recognising that the States of the region aim towards the safety and preservation of its water, energy and food resources; and noting that effective water management includes connecting rivers and waterways;

Acknowledging that the 3SI complements our cooperation within the EU and contributes to prosperity, security, democracy and respect for human rights;

Reconfirming that the economic presence of the United States of America (USA) in the 3SI region can contribute to the strengthening of the transatlantic link and provide an additional catalyst for an enhanced transatlantic partnership, opening new business opportunities, including mutually beneficial investment in infrastructure;

Confirming that the 3SI is open to partnership with the Western Balkans and Eastern Partnership countries;

Building on the encouraging results of the previous Dubrovnik 2016, Warsaw 2017 and Bucharest 2018 Summits;

Recalling the 3SI Summits Joint Declarations adopted in Dubrovnik, Warsaw and Bucharest, as well as the EU Sibiu Declaration of 9 May 2019,


1. Reaffirm the message of unity and equality regarding the future of the EU, driven by its values and freedoms that have provided peace, stability and prosperity across Europe;

2. Encourage EU institutions to include the 3SI objectives and priorities in formulating their policies;

3. Reaffirm the vital role of the common Euro-Atlantic future and open and fair business cooperation;

4. Welcome the progress in implementing the priority projects of the 3SI, as listed in the First Progress Report to the 3SI short list of priority interconnection projects, welcomed in Bucharest during the 3rd Summit of the 3SI; decide that henceforth the Progress Report shall provide a periodic evaluation of the implementation of the 3SI projects at future Summits;

5. Welcome the organisation of the second 3SI Business Forum in Ljubljana, and its three areas that are essential to the future of the region – energy, infrastructure and digitalisation, as well as the crosscutting topics of security, innovation and environment; affirm that the 3SI Business Forum in Ljubljana gathered officials, business representatives and other non-governmental stakeholders from the participating States, Germany and the USA as partner States, other EU Member States, States from the Western Balkans and from the Eastern Partnership, and from the European Commission and European and international financial institutions; and encourage the annual organisation of the 3SI Business Forum;

6. Welcome the continuing growth of the 3SI Network of Chambers of Commerce, following the example from the first 3SI Business Forum in Bucharest, and encourage the inclusion of actors from the 3SI participating States, other EU Member States and the USA to the existing network;

7. Welcome the establishment of the 3SI Investment Fund that aims at pipe-lining, supporting and financing the priority interconnection projects, important for the future well-being and prosperity of the region and its people, and therefore acting as a tool for creating new opportunities and further enhancing investments and economic cooperation among the 3SI, the EU and other partner States;

8. Welcome the high-level participation from partner States and institutions at the 4th 3SI Summit in Slovenia, namely Germany, the USA, and the European Commission, and will continue, in agreement, to invite them and other interested stakeholders to the future 3SI Summits and the 3SI Business Forums.

Source: 3 Seas Initiative Summit, Joint Declaration of the Fourth Summit of the Three Seas Initiative (Ljubljana, 5-6 June 2019)